Your Options with Cremation at Wing-Bain Funeral Home

Posted on November 30th, 2023 by under Cremation Services
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Cremation is becoming a more and more popular alternative to a traditional burial with a casket. At Wing-Bain Funeral Home in Montevideo, MN, there are different routes you can take when you choose cremation. Here are a few examples:

Memorial Service

At a memorial service, the body may or may not be present. Often, the cremated remains are put in an urn and family and friends gather to celebrate their loved one’s life. Their picture may be on display as well as flowers or other memorabilia.

Traditional Service with Cremation

This option involves preparing your loved one for a public viewing. This means that embalming would have to take place, and the deceased would be in a rental casket for the funeral service. The rental casket contains a liner that, after the service, would be taken out and brought to the crematory. From there families choose what they would like to do with the ashes, whether it is a burial, scattering, or taking them home.

Direct Cremation

This is the term used when the deceased is cremated and there is no formal viewing or funeral service. The funeral director will arrange to have the body cremated and then the remains are given back to the family.

Cremation is appealing to some because of this flexibility that it offers. Other benefits that cremation has is the possibility of keepsake urns, jewelry, or other items so that you can keep a portion of the cremated remains in remembrance. It is important to determine what is right for your family and what would be the best way to honor your loved one’s wishes.

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