Ways to Personalize a Funeral Service

Posted on May 25th, 2023 by under Funeral Home
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Personalizing a funeral service can help celebrate the life of the person who has passed away and provide comfort to their loved ones. Each person needs to say their goodbyes in their own way, so adding some personalization may help.

Wing-Bain Funeral Home has supported numerous families in honoring the lives of their loved ones, cherishing their memories and relationships. Our years of experience will help you and your family plan a fitting tribute for the unique individual you have lost and honor the special bond you shared. We can offer suggestions to enhance your tribute ideas, and together, we will create a meaningful and unforgettable event.

Here are a few ideas to personalize a funeral service:

1. Display personal items: Gather items such as photographs, artwork, or favorite possessions that represent the person’s life and interests to be set out. At Wing-Bain Funeral Home, families have brought various items to personalize their services, including hats, figurines, military uniforms, and sports equipment. Even simply having a loved one’s favorite flower in an arrangement is a great personal touch.

2. Play favorite music: Music is often incorporated into a service, so this is a great place to play a loved one’s favorite song, or songs that remind you of the deceased. Many people find comfort and peace in music.

3. Share memories: Invite family and friends to share their memories and stories about the person. This can be done through speeches, written notes, or a memory book.

4. Create a video tribute: At Wing-Bain Funeral Home, one of our services is creating a tribute video. We can compile a collection of photographs and videos that showcase the life of an individual and set it to their preferred music. After the service, a copy of the tribute video is provided to the family in their preferred format (USB or DVD).

5. Use special readings: Use special readings, poems, or quotes that reflect the person’s personality or beliefs.

6. Incorporate their hobbies and interests: Ways to incorporate things could include displaying artwork, having a themed service, or creating a picture board of them participating in their hobby.

7. Have a candle lighting ceremony: Family and friends can gather and light a candle in memory of the person.

Keep in mind that customizing a funeral ceremony involves commemorating the life of the individual who has passed on and offering solace and closure to their close ones. Use your imagination and discover ways to pay tribute to their life in a significant manner. When you choose Wing-Bain Funeral Home, we can help you decide the best ways to personalize the funeral service and help you create the perfect tribute.

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