How To Use Photos At Funeral Homes In Granite Falls, MN

Posted on July 6th, 2020 by under Funeral Home
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funeral homes in Granite Falls, MNIf you have recently lost a loved one and are planning a funeral, you may be looking for a way to make it more personal. While many people are able to find closure by viewing the body for the last time before burial, it can also help if there are photos of the deceased person enjoying life while they were alive. You can set up photo displays at the funeral home to help show important moments of the deceased’s life. Here are a few ways to include photos in the service at funeral homes in Granite Falls, MN.

Photo Collage

A photo collage is a great way to include a lot of photos to display at the funeral without taking up a lot of space. You can add the photos to a bulletin board, or you can have them printed as a collage on a large photo print. The collage can include various special photos of your loved one in different stages of life. You can also encourage other friends and family members to make or order photo collages too. This allows them to have a part in the funeral and be able to create something special for the deceased.

Framed Photos

Many people like to include framed photos of the deceased at the funeral. This allows everyone to see how the deceased look in different stages of life. This also allows them to see the deceased how they remember them. You can choose photos of different sizes and display them in elegant frames. The funeral home director will help you display the photos near the casket or around the funeral home so they look nice and so it’s easy for everyone to see them.

cremation servicesPhoto Albums

Photo albums are a great way to show off a lot of photos of your loved one. You may have more photos than you can display, and have a hard time choosing your favorite ones to share. You can add your photo albums to the funeral and let guests flip through it on their own. You can display the photo albums at the entrance of the funeral home where guests sign in or in a separate area where they can take their time and look through each page at their own pace. You can even encourage your other family members and friends to bring in albums so they can share their photos with each other.

If you are looking for a way to include photos in the funeral service at funeral homes in Granite Falls, MN, the above suggestions are a few options to consider. You can come up with other ideas that suit your situation or needs better. If you ready to plan a funeral service and need some help, be sure to contact the Wing-Bain Funeral Home. We are here to help with all your funeral planning needs and will work with you to make sure the funeral you plan includes everything you prefer.

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