Gift Ideas To Send To Funeral Homes In Granite Falls, MN

Posted on May 25th, 2020 by under Funeral Home
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When a person passes away, it’s a tradition for the friends and even extended family members to send a gift to the funeral home for the close family. These sympathy gifts are meant to show the family that you are there to support them and feel bad for their loss. There are a lot of different things you can send to a funeral home that will be given to the family. If you aren’t sure what types of gifts to send to funeral homes in Granite Falls, MN, consider some of these options.

funeral homes in Granite Falls, MN


Flowers are a traditional gift to send to funeral homes for several reasons. They can be displayed next to the casket at the funeral home to add some beauty and a touch of elegance to the entire service. The flowers can also go to the funeral home where they can be displayed next to the headstone. Some flowers can also go home with the family members. You can choose live cut flowers, faux flower arrangements, and even live flowers that can be planted in a garden and will grow in memory of the deceased loved one.


Food is another traditional gift that can be sent to a funeral home for a family. The food can be taken home with the family and it gives them a break from having to cook or buy food while they are dealing with a loss. The food can also be offered to people at the funeral home. Many families choose to have a dinner during or after a funeral home and will include many people who attended the funeral with them. Sending a gift allows them to have more food to service to their family and friends at the dinner and also helps reduce their responsibilities.


You can send prayer blankets that are sent to the funeral home where they are displayed during the service and then send home with the family. Prayer blankets can be prayed over by your church, the family, or a minister, or priest. The prayer blanket is meant to help give the family strength while dealing with the loss of their loved one and can even help bring them closure during such a stressful time. The blanket can be sent directly to the family if preferred, but many people like to have it displayed at the funeral.

If you are planning to attend a funeral for a friend or family member and also want to send a sympathy gift to the close family, be sure to consider some of the suggestions above. You can also come up with your own ideas to send to funeral homes in Granite Falls, MN. If you are ready to plan a funeral or cremation service, you need to call the Wing-Bain Funeral Home for help. We are here to help with every aspect of your funeral planning and will help you plan a funeral that fits your needs.

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