Burial Vaults: What You Should Know

Posted on January 27th, 2024 by under Funeral Home
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When burial is requested, the embalming process is completed by a licensed funeral director and the deceased is then dressed and placed in their casket. Most cemeteries require that the casket be placed in some type of outer burial container. There are a few options to choose from and they serve multiple purposes.

Why do cemeteries require it?
Over time, the ground shifts and without a liner or vault, the ground can cave in under a grave. Also, graves bear a lot of weight when heavy equipment is needed for cemetery maintenance. By having something concrete surrounding the casket, the grave and the body is better protected and can support the weight around it.

Grave Liner vs. Burial Vault
A grave liner is made of concrete and it does not seal. It offers basic protection of bearing the weight of the ground. Water and dirt are free to flow in and out.
A burial vault is commonly made out of concrete and will have a liner made out of hard plastic or metal. Vaults seal so that the casket is protected from the elements. Like the grave liner, they keep the grave intact and support the weight of the ground. There are a range of vaults available, varying in concrete strength and lining material.

What about protecting cremated remains?
If your loved one is cremated and buried in their urn, you may still want to purchase an urn vault. Urns are not always sealed, and depending on material they can deteriorate over time, so offering more protection may bring comfort to families. Urn vaults are not a requirement at every cemetery, so this may be up to you to decide as a family.

To some people this extra protection may not matter, but to others it may matter quite a bit. It can offer peace of mind that your loved one is protected from the elements as much as possible, whether they are in a casket or an urn. Others may want to satisfy the cemetery requirements in the most financially conscious way. Whatever your choices and feelings may be, the staff at Wing-Bain Funeral Home is available to answer your questions, explain the options, and support you through the process.

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